Audio volume sales have exploded to larger than 15% of worldwide volume sales: given their convenience, this percentage is place to escalate dramatically. What’s the incentive for this unprecedented popularity?

Leisure time is at a premium, things very soon keep on getting busier every day, except once you have listened to an audio book, you’ll desire to hear more. With thousands of titles available, in every potential category, every time can turn into listening time to enhance your life.

There’s the BBC comedy audio volume for example: it’s well-deserved for a large giggle for one entire hour. Join the revolution in online reading, now. Acquire it as it’s free.

1 Almost every type of volume importance reading is available as an audio book.

2 Audio books actually price not as much of than the printed version of the alike book.

3 Audio books are large for “multitasking”. You can drive to work or else take the commuter prepare to the office, or else do your aerobics or else take the dog for a walk, even paint the house as listening to a book. Or else as learning: there are lots of educational titles.

4 Audio books are supremely portable: As thriving as making music mobile for you, your mp3 player enables you to carry entire books almost as well.

5 The greatest audio volume gain is that you can ‘read’ it where you can dress in earbuds

6 If you don’t have an mp3 player, no problem. Apply your IPod.

7 No IPod? No PDA? No, difficulty either. Download the free volume on your PC: listen to it on every headset or else your computer speakers.

8 Burn an audio volume against a standard CD using Windows Media Player, listen in the car on the way to the golf course.

9 Any audio volume title can be downloaded immediately your acquire is completed.

10 The leading online audio volume store is open 24/7, very soon scroll down for the through hotlink.

Why not listen online now? Head larger than to the link here at this moment in addition to download a free audio book. Subsequently you will really appreciate very soon what I am on about.

Mike Rose is an architect in Novel Zealand: he’s busier than ever in retirement, enthusiastically operating a leading online audio volume store. Make sure out the free books at Audio Books 2 GO in addition to listen to a free sample of every volume that grabs your attention. Email address is available on the store website.

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iPhone TIPS Download mp3 from Seeqpod

A blast! This TIP from IT&T may blow you away so keep on reading. Do you remember Seeqpod for iPhone? That is an iPhone optimized website to search the globe and play the songs from your iPhone Safari browser [post 1 and post 2]. However it is not possible to download the songs and play them off-line. Not from the iPhone website and not from its big-daddy version. And like me, you really-really like the songs stored on your iPhone to avoid fat roaming cost when you are abroad and having holiday, right?
Well, I can tell you, there is a secret trick behind the address ....enables you to download the mediafiles easily! No geek moves involved.

Want to know how? Good! do the following:

  1. Open the URL above at your PC or Mac.
  2. In Seeqpod now search your favorite song
  3. A result page shows up.
  4. The trick is that you are now able to download the MP3 files from this result page!

How to download?
  1. For a PC, right-mouse click the song and select Save As.
  2. For a Mac, CTRL+Left mouse click and select Download Linke File As.
Now just add the downloaded songs into iTunes and synchronize your iPhone. Done! Its all there in behind the orange iPod button. NOTE: It also works with a iPod, iPod Touch.

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Tips download Video dari Youtube

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